I find Alan's personality to be very friendly and chill whenever I come to the salon. His service is very professional and I can tell he really works hard at what he does. That is why I go to Alan for a haircut. 

The atmosphere of the salon and the people make me feel comfortable.  Marco

I've been seeing Alan regularly for my haircuts just over a year now and have enjoyed his services as he is professional and very creative when it comes to my hair.

I come back every month to see Alan because he is passionate about his craft which gives me full confidence knowing that my hair will be great every single time I walk out the door of the salon. Eric R.

Alan Started his Hairdressing career in the heart of London UK working at Vidal Sassoon's on Bond Street. Moving back to Canada Alan still wanted to increase his knowledge of hairdressing in another one of the most difficult markets of the work and so he moved again to Hong Kong to further train and advance his hairdressing techniques and skills.

After 4 years of building a loyal clientele in the vibrant City of Hong Kong, Alan has moved back to Canada and is now residing at The Lounge Hair Studio where he is honing the many skills he has developed in both England and Asia to bring innovative cutting and colour techniques to his clientele! This is an ideal time to book with Alan before word spreads of his return.